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Aug. 25th, 2010 12:07 am
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First, from a first impressions meme over on dreamwidth.

Yotsuba&!: Yotsuba and Koiwai (gen!)

Over the Chainlink Fence )

Next, from a AU meme I did a while ago.

An AU based on a Arthur/Merlin fmv to Lady Gaga's Just Dance. ([ profile] hiza_chan)

Surging )

a Kingdom Hearts one where Sora turns into a girl whenever he wields the keyblade ([ profile] techiegoat)

Adolescence )

Finally, from a five-times meme I did even longer ago.

Five times Vaan got himself and Balthier into trouble. ([ profile] hiza_chan)

one by one they fall )

Fives times Remus wishes he'd stopped James and Sirius's latest prank. ([ profile] sparkism)

Knew Better. )

five times Itachi didn't kill Iruka, but had a semi-civil conversation instead. With a Itachi/Iruka bent if you can ([ profile] shadowbyrd)

Sensei )

5 times Seimei said I love you ([ profile] tiger24ever)

when he says, 'my love' )
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I fail at titles. That said--

Written for [ profile] techiegoat:

FFVII - ZackxCloud - touching

Pre-game, post-Nibelheim. A slight slaughtering of canon. They're friends, right? Platonic love, yo.

Turning Sun-Blind )

Kyou Kara Maoh - ConradxYuuri - playing video games

Conrad's playing that game. Yeah, that one. Conrad/Yuuri if you squint. Conrad/Yuuri if you don't squint.

That One )

Kingdom Hearts - RikuxSora/RoxasxAxel - metaphorical 4-square

It's metaphorical four-square. Sora is King, Roxas plays Consort, Axel is Knight, and Riku is Jack, nothing left to burn. Some knowledge of four-square is helpful, I suppose.

and he is so much nothing )

Written for [ profile] hello_scorpling:

xxxHOLiC - Kimihiro/Himawari - Tea

Ahahaha, this is actually Shizuka/Kimihiro/Himawari (my OT3 whut). They're happy, and the sun is shining.

Like This )

xxxHOLiC - Yuuko/Kimihiro - Insomnia

Platonic Yuuko/Kimihiro? She bends like a dancer, and Kimihiro can hear the wind cry.

Windbreaker )

Written for [ profile] ricordi:

Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Ryohei/Hana (TYL!) - happy (pret)ending

Hana can't have Kyoko, so she'll take Kyoko's brother. Ryouhei/Hana, unrequitted!Hana->Kyoko. She ties him to the kitchen chair, she breaks his throne and she cuts his hair.

to break his throne )

Written for [ profile] cityatsea:

Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - adult!RebornBianchi, 30mm frames

She first sees him when she's eleven years old. He wears his hat at a jaunty angle, and she crushes hard.

To Bianchi, Our Love )

And something from Tales of the Abyss -

Luke comes home when he's eleven, cradled in his father's arms, and his eyes are a brighter green than Guy remembers. Pre-game. Woo.

Summer Green )

And something from the KHR kinkmeme. Obviously not worksafe.

Dino/Hibari, with Romario somewhere near. TYL. Payback after the Cavallone Don pays the bail for his detained old student.

and the turns wide )

And [ profile] springkink! I have one challenge done. Only six more to go! I'm really excited to finish and share. :D

also, I just lost the game. D:

also, I should be shot for making titles without capital letters. oh well.
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I was going to post about the Harry Potter movie, and my terribly exciting times, but! Instead!

Last night, I churned out a page of the zomg!angst!KHII fic. Then I turned around and wrote four-some-odd pages of zomg!crack!KHII fic. Which I force upon throw at give to you today.

Written with so much help from [ profile] aya_kun_rose, who's totally awesome, and supports me even when my mind fries, and forgets all rules of grammar tenses. <3

Everyone has their own little quirks. Especially the Keyblade Kids. Kairi pokes fun, Sora wonders if this is what going mad feels like, and Riku has cats. Lots of cats. General silliness and, er, insanity. Not for the faint or sirius serious of heart. Sora/Riku, Sora/Kairi, implied Sora/Riku/Kairi, their love is so canon.

The Good Friends )
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Written for a request rant over on [ profile] pornandkittens. Which is totally the worst comm ever. Totally. XD

Axel monologues, and Hades soliloquies. Sorta. Hades/Axel, wangst.

Once Upon a Time Nobody )

Axel doesn't need rescuing, but Hercules hasn't gotten the memo. Vague Hercules/Axel, Big Damn Hero Complex o' Doom, and shooting fish in the barrel. Or possibly ghosts in the river.

Hero of Ghosts )

Heroes say please while they force you to your knees. Hercules/Axel, side of Hades. Dreams were made to be broken.

Good Boys )
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First off, something I swore I'd never do. A Shadow of the Colossus drabble. You know, considering no one's ever played it, and it's obscure like Wander is tragic. D:

A Land of Dreams )

A few drabbles for [ profile] techiegoat.

Phoenix Wright. Miles Edgeworth. Their love is...snarky?

To Think Before You Act )

And Kingdom Hearts. Riku screams, Sora butters toast, and Kairi buys curtains to block out the moon. Sora/Riku with a side of Kairi.

To Nightmares and Moonlight )

For [ profile] x_saturnine, a KKM drabble. Vague Conrart/Yuuri. Brothers.

Laughing Boys )

And one for [ profile] hayden_clone! TRC.

Fai brings a cup of water, some conversation, and a bit more. Kurogane/Fai. Or possibly Fai/Kurogane. Someone's being played like a game. Early Acid!Tokyo.

Dust Parches the Throat )


Apr. 23rd, 2006 09:12 pm
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A series of drabbles I've written.

Boy-Girl )

And then some real 100-word drabbles.

Life's Edge )

Windchimes )

Simon Says )

Whiteout )

Fingertips )

Anyways... this is me pretending to be accomplished. Or at least accomplishing stuff, as in writing. Which doesn't really happen. But I pretend. :)
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I'm sorry. Really, I am, but it just...It just... Gah. Sorry?

Vague spoilers for KH and KH2. Sorta.

Knight Errant )


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