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Comment with a character and I'll give you three facts about them from my personal canon.


...do you remember this post? Yeah... So six months later, I'm trying to get some more prompts done. Because, uh, in the scale of life, fandom > college.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] saave:

Final Fantasy XII - BalthierxFran. Perhaps with hints at BalthierxVaan. &prompt being something about dinner etiquette

Sometime post-game, no spoilers. Balthier's a dandy, Fran's-- not.

Dandy )

Written for [livejournal.com profile] joanaseta:

Haruka and Shizuka, prompt: Watanuki

Uh, pre-series. As in, Haruka's time. He knows his grandson will be more broken, so he marries a fox.

Blood )

Written for [livejournal.com profile] overlimits:

Jade/Nephry - overworked

Pre-game, small spoilers for Jade's past. It-- sorta became more Jade->Nebilim than Jade/Nephry. Oops. D:

The Replica Song )


Lexi's baby shower was today. And-- I found out why she had to go the hospital last week. The baby broke some of Lexi's ribs. As in, hairline fractures. Down her right side. as;fkj OW. And she's on Lortab for all the pain. Like, the kidney, which got horribly squashed, and her fractured ribs. asd;fkjl The sooner the baby's born, the better. Come on, baby. We're just waiting for you~ ♥
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I fail at titles. That said--

Written for [livejournal.com profile] techiegoat:

FFVII - ZackxCloud - touching

Pre-game, post-Nibelheim. A slight slaughtering of canon. They're friends, right? Platonic love, yo.

Turning Sun-Blind )

Kyou Kara Maoh - ConradxYuuri - playing video games

Conrad's playing that game. Yeah, that one. Conrad/Yuuri if you squint. Conrad/Yuuri if you don't squint.

That One )

Kingdom Hearts - RikuxSora/RoxasxAxel - metaphorical 4-square

It's metaphorical four-square. Sora is King, Roxas plays Consort, Axel is Knight, and Riku is Jack, nothing left to burn. Some knowledge of four-square is helpful, I suppose.

and he is so much nothing )

Written for [livejournal.com profile] hello_scorpling:

xxxHOLiC - Kimihiro/Himawari - Tea

Ahahaha, this is actually Shizuka/Kimihiro/Himawari (my OT3 whut). They're happy, and the sun is shining.

Like This )

xxxHOLiC - Yuuko/Kimihiro - Insomnia

Platonic Yuuko/Kimihiro? She bends like a dancer, and Kimihiro can hear the wind cry.

Windbreaker )

Written for [livejournal.com profile] ricordi:

Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - Ryohei/Hana (TYL!) - happy (pret)ending

Hana can't have Kyoko, so she'll take Kyoko's brother. Ryouhei/Hana, unrequitted!Hana->Kyoko. She ties him to the kitchen chair, she breaks his throne and she cuts his hair.

to break his throne )

Written for [livejournal.com profile] cityatsea:

Katekyou Hitman Reborn! - adult!RebornBianchi, 30mm frames

She first sees him when she's eleven years old. He wears his hat at a jaunty angle, and she crushes hard.

To Bianchi, Our Love )

And something from Tales of the Abyss -

Luke comes home when he's eleven, cradled in his father's arms, and his eyes are a brighter green than Guy remembers. Pre-game. Woo.

Summer Green )

And something from the KHR kinkmeme. Obviously not worksafe.

Dino/Hibari, with Romario somewhere near. TYL. Payback after the Cavallone Don pays the bail for his detained old student.

and the turns wide )

And [livejournal.com profile] springkink! I have one challenge done. Only six more to go! I'm really excited to finish and share. :D

also, I just lost the game. D:

also, I should be shot for making titles without capital letters. oh well.
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First, a few written for [livejournal.com profile] pornandkittens and porn meme things. Meaning there's a distinctive lack of porn in a few of 'em.

There was something strangely comforting about sharing a bed with two men.

Yuuri/Conrart/Wolfram. Umm. Sharing a bed? Not quite cuddling? Shameless fluff.

Bed Hog )

Then, his bed somehow becomes their bed, full of tangled limbs and bumped heads.

Doumeki/Himawari/Watanuki. Cuddling and tickling on a big bed, 'cause they're kids playing a giant game of life. More shameless slightly angsty? fluff.

Bed for Three )

Yeah, maybe Cloud had been waiting for Zack, but that’s because honestly, there were certain things teenage boys wanted, and needed, and would spend most of their waking moments thinking about.

For example, sex.

Cloud/Zack, voyeur!Auron, handjobs, alleyways, shameless use of summons as epithets, and more. Did I mention it's crack?

The Grocery List of Sex: Or, When Auron Might've Maybe Possibly Hopefully Gotten Some )

"I'm drunk," the Tenth says in that shaky, flustered voice he always gets when he's saying something Hayato's going to hate.

spurned!Hayato, Yamamoto/Tsuna, Hayato/Bianchi. Incest, and unrequited love, and birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes )
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Crossover drabble. A general knowledge of the basic idea of Yuuko's shop is helpful. Namely, that Yuuko grants wishes for a price, with an emphasis on the price. Equivalent exchange, what?

Larsa has a wish, but wishes have prices. Larsa, Yuuko, moment a la Gabranth. Post-game spoilers. No xxxHOLiC spoilers.

Fairy Tale Price )


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