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The new Part 18, which is also known as Chapter 7. Yes, ladies and non-existant gentlemen, the one and only Chapter 7. I wrote it. Finally.

Ten Little Ninjas )

I did it! Another chapter done! Look, we're not even half-way done yet! .... -_-'
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How the parts keep growing. But small parts...

So, I'm back from HP fandom. *snort* I mean, I'm pretending I'm back, which really means that I've been taken over by the vengeful spirit of Malfoy in leather pants. And not any Malfoy, my friends, but Veela!Malfoy. Bwhahahahah!

But back to KakaIru... This is taking me forever. My apologies. Somehow, I've just lost touch with KakaIru. Hell, I've lost touch with Naruto. Well, enough about that.

Tryin' )

Oh, oh! [livejournal.com profile] dragon_bite, what were your exam results? Did you get in? ^_^
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Cigarettes )

And that ends the chapter. A chapter's done! We're nearly half-way, or so! I think... So, off to sleep for a very, very long time. Or not. Whichever. ^__^ Thank you for your encouragement.
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I'm having the most difficult time with this story right now. I keep having ideas, and such, but nothing's going in order, and it keeps jumping all over the place. Well, it's still jumping all over. A lot. As in, nothing's going where it should be. I hate it, really hate it. Oh well. I have this brilliant idea for Anko, which is odd, because I usually have an easier time writing for Iruka and Gai. But hey, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I ate crepes today. Just so you know. )

In other news, my computer's back. It actually got back a few days ago, I just forgot. Heh... I want to be calm. I feel fidgety? Or irritated, rather. Meh, no matter. There, the next part of Tryin'. Another one, or so, and I should be done with another chapter. I'm moving so slow on this.

Bite, how do you do it?

Edit: Fred Jones Part II!

my pet!
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In Which Someone Laughs )

Unfinished, this part is, and I'm not sure where it lies in regard to the previous post. I'm confused, and I'm really not quite sure about how any of this is fitting together, to be finished, yet. It's difficult, without my old computer, because it's all disjointed, and I have no where to stick it all together. Does that make sense? But next time, I think you can look forward to a flashback to Kakashi and Iruka, and the first time they really talk during the war. I think.

And it's so very short! I wouldn't even post it, but I need to save it. Sorry, so sorry!

And off I go, to watch fireworks with friends.
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I'm back! Sorta. For a moment, to type in some stuff I wrote, and then I'm gone again.

Do you remember Anko? So, here's the thing... )

My back snapped in the weirdest way today. It hurt, and I could feel that it was kinda out of place (due to previous back injuries), and then it snapped back into where it was supposed to be, but I blacked out, and woke up about half an hour later, on the floor. Was interesting, very interesting.

And choir tonight! Yay!

Edit: *shriek* My back up discs no longer work! As in, everything I've written, is now gone! As in, this is the second time I've lost everything in just three months. Three!

So, [livejournal.com profile] dragon_bite, sorry, but I can't show you my horror that I found. It's now gone. *dies*
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I was really trying to be a good sport today, and I think I was doing well. I didn't get much sleep, so I'm tired, and my head's pounding. However, I was happy, and cheerful, and dangit, I was laughing. Then I just got a review for A Few Unbearable Months. I quote:

'What. The. Fuck.'

End quote. Yes, folks, that's the review. I'm no longer amused. If you don't like what I write, then don't read it! I don't need a useless review that just swears at me.

So I tried to hold myself back, but I fond myself writing a letter anyways. It says:

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound rude, but was something wrong with my story? Because I have to say, I'm not fond of reviews that swear at me, without a reason. Perhaps you can explain why you said, and I quote:

"What. The. Fuck."


Because I'm no longer amused. And my head is pounding so bad... I think the thing that annoyed me the most was the language. Yes, I swear, but I don't swear at people, because that's rude. I don't swear in letters, or reviews. I swear in stories, but stories are rated. Anyone could read that review, and that upsets me. Perhaps I'll just go delete it. Because I'm so not amused right now. Argh!

But at any rate, another section of Tryin':

Wouldn't it be awesome if Gai danced? Woot! )

Forgive me if it's not up to par with previous parts. I'm tired, pissed, and hurt. But enough about that. Part 13 is done, and so is Chapter Five. Yay!
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Another part. Woot!

A Pursuer )
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It's tomorrow, it's tomorrow! And just so no one can ever say I'm a liar (at least, not a continuing liar....) a part of Tryin'. I hope. Eek.

And back at the camp... )

Ho-hum. So I'm not sure. I guess it's alright. I'm more proud of it now, than I was a bit ago. I poked and prodded it, and I think it came along alright? Hopefully so. And I think this is the end of the fourth chapter. Well, maybe not. I always post such short chapters, I feel bad. But then again, it's been so long since I've posted, perhaps I should, anyways? But now I'm getting all discouraged. I'll hush, and go to bed. And this took an hour to write! Ugh... I'm so slow, and crappy. Need...Sleep...

And sorry that my lj is so wide, [livejournal.com profile] telosphilos and [livejournal.com profile] marmaladecat, and anyone else. I'm gonna check out why, tomorrow. Perhaps. Erk.
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Tryin' To Get To Heaven )

...Hmm... So, I pulled every one of those freakin' words out of my butt. It was so hard to write again. But meh. I did it. I'm slightly proud. I beat the system! Or rather, the blockage.

Nene wasn't around to harass about morphine, so I went back to my memories of codeine, which are mainly of me sleepy, feeling dizzy, and halucinating. However, I didn't think it'd be entirely appropriate for Iruka to talk to large, pink bunnies. o_o

Now off to bed. Night night!
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Because I finally decided to work on this...

And then Kakashi... )

And in other news, my ceiling's making weird noises. I think it's possessed.
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I actually got working on Tryin'. This is because all day, I've been unpacking and repacking, going through a good portion of my possessions, to decide what goes and what stays. Plus, I'm leaving on Tuesday, for a little trip. Flying to San Diego with my dad, and then we're driving back, since he bought a car from someone who lives in San Diego. And we're stopping overnight in Las Vegas! Woot! The strip! At night! I love Vegas so much. So, I'm feeling bad that I won't get anything done before Thursday at the earliest. So, in apology, and as a respite from going through my room, I give you part...what, eight? Yup, eight.

And Back to Iruka )
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You're all forced to look at my totally awesome mask. I've had this thing for years. I bought it at some DI in Oregon when I was there, visiting my aunt, years and years ago. It was what, a dollar? Maybe two? I absolutely fell in love with, and terrified it'd break if I put in with my luggage on the trip home, I held it in my lap the entire trip home. Just like I did with my music box, but I'll force people to look at that, later. Poor people, having to deal with my random pictures, all because I found my camera. I feel for you, really.

My awesome, awesome mask. )

And a short piece of Tryin', because my little brain's half-dead, and has been for a while.

And Raidou Dreamt )

*Edited for grammatical errors.
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Tryin' to Get to Heaven )
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The concert was so fun. Woot! I bought a Taking Back Sunday t-shirt. It's red, with penguins. In truth, I bought it just for the penguins. I love penguins. So very cute. I also bought a Jimmy Eat World/Taking Back Sunday poster, and I got a dual record, too.

I think it's on to the story, then.

Another witty comment? )

*Edited for grammar fixes. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] fabledtruant and [livejournal.com profile] nezumiko
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Because plot ideas are biting me. A lot. In the form of my kitty-cat.

Enter witty comment here )
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Because I have no life. Instead, I sit at home, typing. And typing. And typing some more. ^____^

Tryin' to Get to Heaven )

Until next time! Which will probably be a few hours...
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Kindly disregard it. I was just freaking out a lot. About thirty seconds after I turned off my computer, Chantelle called, and she was worried. As was Ham, I later found out. But Chantelle came over, and she's been having a rough week. At any rate, Ham stopped by a bit later, and she was worried about Chantelle. It's better, for me to have someone else to worry over. So I'm no longer freaking out. And I did well this time! Didn't do anything stupid to myself, and I didn't break anything.

So...kindly disregard it. Onto Ugly Things.

Ugly Things is now known as Tryin' To Get To Heaven. It is going to be continued in my LJ only. Or, at least, I'm going to write it in LJ, all spur-of-the-moment, because I actually get something done that way. Then, when it's done, I'll clean it up and post it up on ff.net and kakairu community. So, until then...

Tryin' to Get To Heaven Part 2 )


Apr. 30th, 2005 01:41 am
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And this is me, sleeping. Riiiight...

But this plot-zombie's been gnawing on my head since early this evening. Or yesterday evening? Whatever. So a spur-of-the-moment, probably-to-be-unfinished, cookie-and-or-one-shot. All to be seen.

Blame it on Billy Joel again. This time his Goodbye Saigon.

And it's KakaIru!

Ugly Things )


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