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Aug. 25th, 2010 12:07 am
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First, from a first impressions meme over on dreamwidth.

Yotsuba&!: Yotsuba and Koiwai (gen!)

Over the Chainlink Fence )

Next, from a AU meme I did a while ago.

An AU based on a Arthur/Merlin fmv to Lady Gaga's Just Dance. ([ profile] hiza_chan)

Surging )

a Kingdom Hearts one where Sora turns into a girl whenever he wields the keyblade ([ profile] techiegoat)

Adolescence )

Finally, from a five-times meme I did even longer ago.

Five times Vaan got himself and Balthier into trouble. ([ profile] hiza_chan)

one by one they fall )

Fives times Remus wishes he'd stopped James and Sirius's latest prank. ([ profile] sparkism)

Knew Better. )

five times Itachi didn't kill Iruka, but had a semi-civil conversation instead. With a Itachi/Iruka bent if you can ([ profile] shadowbyrd)

Sensei )

5 times Seimei said I love you ([ profile] tiger24ever)

when he says, 'my love' )
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Kakashi/Iruka, and their not-so-charmed life.

"I hate kids," Iruka says, when Kakashi stretches out next to him, toes digging into the rumpled blankets. "They die so

The Dead List )
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Varying fandoms, coming as I find them in my chat history.

"Lloyd, my--" Kratos stutters, and Lloyd can't breathe, and he can hear himself panting, and he feels hot, tingling, like he's about to fall apart. "My Lloyd--"

Kratos/Lloyd, dub-con of the Kratos kind. LOL I HAVE NO SHAME. Set sometime between the seals. It means a whole lot more if you know everything about Kratos and Lloyd.

Grown-Up Kisses )

Gai's hands are big on the spatula, look almost ridiculous, but Ebisu can't laugh.

Gai/Ebisu, birthday cakes, and pink was always her favorite color. <3

Birthday Cakes )

"Then I shall look to you, Judge Magister, to do well by this child."

Larsa and Gabranth, and bastards are never loved. Larsa/Penelo, but more Larsa/Drink. And stuff. And babies! Bastard babies~

Father's Child )
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Uh. Written 'cause [ profile] dragon_bite was telling me about this absolutely horrid fic with a scroll. And, umm, I wrote this for her.

It's not that Kakashi needs him, because he doesn't. He just wants him. Unrequited KakaIru, mentionings of zomg!het, twisting of emotions, and, uh, vague mentionings of emotional slavery. Sorta.

Scroll Darling )


Feb. 10th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Because I'm late in everything in life.

A ficlet for [ profile] belle_sedai. Vague implications, if you squint and look sideways. Otherwise, basic Naruto and Sandaime stuff. Also, gen.

Birthday Presents )

And one for [ profile] ainasiriel. Hayate and Sumire, vague Scarlet Spiral!universe. Sorta. Yes?

Kite Sleeves )
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Three drabbles. Two Naruto, one Saiyuki.

First, a Genma-centric drabble for [ profile] ainasiriel's birthday. Vague Jiraiya/Genma.

Birthday Songs )

Now, an Iruka-centric drabble for [ profile] drelfina

Cups of Coffee )

And for [ profile] nezumiko, a Gojyo-centric Saiyuki drabble.

Touch )


Jan. 2nd, 2007 07:05 pm
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Drabbles that I've written over the past few months, mostly in G-Chat. 'cause [ profile] drelfina's always about, and willing to listen to my babble.

Anyways, read at your own risk. Some are obviously better than others, and most of them are crack at best, and crack at worst.

Oh, yeah. Beware pairings that make people cringe.

Vague "if you squint and look side-ways" Jiraiya/Naruto. Mostly Jiraiya-gen. For [ profile] nezumiko

Coins )

A Kakashi/Iruka ficlet I wrote for [ profile] fuyu_no_fuhei months ago.

Blue )

The rest of these were written due to prompts from [ profile] drelfina

Not so vague Kakashi/Sasuke.

Taste of Betrayal )

Confusing Orochimaru/Kisame, Kisame/Itachi, and Orochimaru/Kisame/Itachi.

Partners )

Strange, maybe-unfinished vague Iruka/Hayate of anger. And teen drama. Woot.

Boarding House Games )

A strange what-if fic, involving Naruto and Iruka.

A Masterpiece )

lolz, omg, vague Gai/Iruka and vaguer Sandaime/Iruka.

Green, Yellow, Red )

A crazy Ebisu and Genma gen-fic.

Snow at Five )

Random Iruka-angst, in another "what if?" Featuring Iruka with side-glimpses of Naruto and Raidou.

Die Trying )

Iruka-torture, 'cause it's, uh...well, I hate to say fun, but~

Hell on Earth )

Iruka. And his first crush. Are you sensing a pattern here?

A Crush to End All Crushes )

Iruka centric. Rape, torture. Graphic. Not pretty.

not/hero )

Umm, more Iruka-torture. 'cause [ profile] drelfina asked. Are you sensing a trend?

Touching Games )

A continuation of the Kissing Game, more or less.

End in the Middle at the Beginning )

Woosh. Wow. Uh, that took a while, but at least my G-Chat is now more or less empty of drabbles.

Anyways, uh, I'm working on the Christmas fics, however slowly.

Also, Happy New Year!


Sep. 25th, 2006 05:47 am
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A ficlet. Thing. Naruto-fandom, Kakashi-centric.

Nailing Doors Shut )


Sep. 20th, 2006 02:30 am
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Three drabbles. One FMA, one pre-series Saiyuki, and one pre-series Naruto.

For His CookieChip )

Bedmates, Of Sorts )

Pranks )


Aug. 29th, 2006 12:29 am
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Written for [ profile] duelist a few nights ago.

Puppet Masters )


Aug. 26th, 2006 07:39 am
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A ficlet, a ficlet! And it's KakaIru! And I haven't written something for so long~

Words on the Pages )


Jul. 25th, 2006 10:04 am
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They're a bit late, 'cause I'm a bit lazy. >.>


For [ profile] moroi_shokubai, Imperfect )

For [ profile] lunariol, Savior )

Death Note

For [ profile] 1anonymous1, Not Quite Heaven )


Jul. 12th, 2006 01:43 am
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Drabbles! Four! One Spider-Man, three Naruto.

Spider-Man: Movie-verse

Rainy Day in the Third Degree )


For [ profile] drelfina, Life Support )

For [ profile] kilerkki, Jounin Lounge Blues, or The Day the Bake-Sale Went Bad )

For [ profile] gigabomb, Huddling Place )


Jun. 6th, 2006 03:46 am
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Drabbles. Five, to be exact. The first four are Naruto, and safe. The fifth is Firefly, and has incest warnings. *shifty eyes*

First, for [ profile] drelfina:

Your Own Personal Redemption )

and Play Pretend )

And for [ profile] hayden_clone, there is Not Quite Perfect )

And for [ profile] icefalcon there's Chair in the Corner )

And finally, for [ profile] aya_kun_rose, Dancing Barefoot )


Jun. 1st, 2006 01:39 am
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It is, oh horror of horrors, adult!Naru/Iru.

Run away, little fangirls, run away!

*cackles madly*

That said, I give you the controversial pairing of the day!

Oh, yes. There are faint echoes of KakaIru.

A Series of Bad Days )
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For my dear [ profile] ainasiriel. <3~

Green Tea )
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Wow! I'm writing! A lot! Sorta! I pretend!

A ficlet for [ profile] nezumiko and [ profile] duelist, sorta as an apology for not liking Genma. Oops?

Diving Lessons )


May. 17th, 2006 01:38 am
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A ficlet! Wow! Like, omgosh!

And, uh, it might be KakaGai. XD (p.s. Loren, if you like it, consider it your birthday fic)

Castle by the Sea, or the Life and Times of Hatake Kakashi, through the Eyes of a Romance Novel )


May. 11th, 2006 11:57 pm
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Lucky Boy

It's my Gekkou Hayate's 20_truths. And yeah, it's kinda sorta S_S Hayate.
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A ficlet! Gasp! It's part of my blind!Itachi series. It was started long, long ago. Last December, in fact... And it's for [ profile] dragon_bite. :)

Taste of Sweet )


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