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Varying fandoms, coming as I find them in my chat history.

"Lloyd, my--" Kratos stutters, and Lloyd can't breathe, and he can hear himself panting, and he feels hot, tingling, like he's about to fall apart. "My Lloyd--"

Kratos/Lloyd, dub-con of the Kratos kind. LOL I HAVE NO SHAME. Set sometime between the seals. It means a whole lot more if you know everything about Kratos and Lloyd.

Grown-Up Kisses )

Gai's hands are big on the spatula, look almost ridiculous, but Ebisu can't laugh.

Gai/Ebisu, birthday cakes, and pink was always her favorite color. <3

Birthday Cakes )

"Then I shall look to you, Judge Magister, to do well by this child."

Larsa and Gabranth, and bastards are never loved. Larsa/Penelo, but more Larsa/Drink. And stuff. And babies! Bastard babies~

Father's Child )
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Crossover drabble. A general knowledge of the basic idea of Yuuko's shop is helpful. Namely, that Yuuko grants wishes for a price, with an emphasis on the price. Equivalent exchange, what?

Larsa has a wish, but wishes have prices. Larsa, Yuuko, moment a la Gabranth. Post-game spoilers. No xxxHOLiC spoilers.

Fairy Tale Price )
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Spoilers, as always.

For [livejournal.com profile] aya_kun_rose.

Jules and the gentry of Archades.

The Boy from Akademy )

For [livejournal.com profile] mariagoner.

Vayne, Larsa, and the idea of love.

Comrades )

Larsa, Penelo, and the idea of familial love. Set during Bur Omisace.

Family Love )
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Four FFXII Drabbles. Let's just spoilers for all four, to be safe.

For [livejournal.com profile] booshoo.

Larsa, Gabranth, and Politics. Some things just don't mix. Post-game. Spoilers.

The Art of Diplomacy )

For [livejournal.com profile] x_saturnine

Basch, and what's in a name. Post-game, spoilers, zomg. Also, Larsa/Basch, 'cause I can't say no.

To Whom It May Concern )

And. Basch/Noah. Or Noah/Basch, as it were. Pre-game, spoilers.

Missing You )

And for [livejournal.com profile] mariagoner.

Abusive!Vaan. Nagging!Penelo. Cliches!Abound. Vague!Vaan/Penelo, even Vaguer!Larsa/Penelo. zomg, the angst.

Breaking Glass )
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Penelo learns many things while she's fighting for Dalmasca. Penelo-centric, vague spoilers for the members of Team Vaan.

Lessons to Learn )

Because even homework trumps the Great and Terrible Quest. Larsa-centric, vague spoilers for Team Vaan, shameless fanservice of the Basch/Larsa kind, and fluff.

Number Work )

Two are two are two, and sometimes you can't tell them apart. ZOMG END-GAME SPOILERS. Larsa/Basch, maybe, zomg *shifty eyes*

Kinderkin )


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