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Reborn! and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. :D

He kills himself in May, holds a gun to his head and fires.

Hibari fic. Shameless angst, teenage suicide, and, uh, that's about it. Oh, wait. A kid who's totally stuck on his parents. Right.

May's Child )

Butch is gone one morning, when Sundance wakes up in the cold, shoulder aching. He doesn't think it at first, waiting to hear Butch whoop from outside, riding around on that stupid bicycle, or baiting Ethel's steer, or just dancing with Ethel, bootsteps on the front porch.

Post-movie. 'cause I believe they made it, damnit. Butch, Sundance, and Australia: things that break the world.

The Australian Sky )
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Five, I think. We'll see. Digging 'em outta chat as I go. They're all short.

Hibari is always cold.

Dino/Hibari and, uh, vague plays on words. And vague allusions to sex. And broken fingers, LOL. Kyouya's not a ray of sunshine. D:

Untitled Sunshine )

"Tsuna-chan," he says, coos it like a lullaby.

Byakuran/Tsuna, rape, death. Uh, Byakuran being all kinds of creepy. 'cause he's creepy. Pretty, but creepy.

Bleeding Disciples )

The phone is small in his hand, and Kyouya's breath from the other side is smaller.

Dino/Hibari, names, and what love really means. Or doesn't mean. Because you can't pluck the one you love. Shameless use (and subsequent destruction) of folktales and folksongs. Gyahahah.

Plucking Feathers )

"Where," she asks, and her hair is plastered down, her clothes soaked through and splashed with mud, and she is terrifying in her rage. "Where is Hayato?"

Bianchi-fic! Hell hath no fury like a Bianchi with a brother-complex. Umm. Vague Bianchi/Gokudera, if you want to see it that way, AND I THINK YOU DO. :D Obligatory zomg-death-and-revenge fic, 'cause it's not like I write A BAJILLION OF THEM.

Mother's Kisses )

"Giovanni's bastard," the baby says, and the sound of his father's name feels like a hit in Hayato's stomach. "Useless."

Hayato-fic. A "what if his mom hadn't died?" fic. Or, In Which Hayato is a Pansy Pianist. Hayato/Piano, sorta, and really vague, if you squint and look sideways, Hayato/Tsuna.

Prestissimo )


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