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A sequel-of-sorts to To Bianchi, Our Love.

Bianchi/Reborn, Bianchi/Romeo, (non-incesty, what!) sibling love of the Bianchi&Hayato kind. When Reborn breaks Bianchi's heart, Bianchi (eventually) responds in kind.

Five Ways Reborn Breaks Bianchi's Heart (And One Way She Breaks His) )

Fic post.

Aug. 3rd, 2009 05:46 am
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Two KHR ficlets.

Hayato goes to college for one year, and waits for the Tenth to call him. Death, angst, and glasses, vague Tsuna/Gokudera. He would've been a great student.

Saturdays in the Library )

The day I-pin marries Hibari is the first time Lambo gets so drunk he can't stand. Unrequited love is a bitch. Lambo->I-pin, I-pin/Hibari.

Coffee or Tea, Love? )
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Five, I think. We'll see. Digging 'em outta chat as I go. They're all short.

Hibari is always cold.

Dino/Hibari and, uh, vague plays on words. And vague allusions to sex. And broken fingers, LOL. Kyouya's not a ray of sunshine. D:

Untitled Sunshine )

"Tsuna-chan," he says, coos it like a lullaby.

Byakuran/Tsuna, rape, death. Uh, Byakuran being all kinds of creepy. 'cause he's creepy. Pretty, but creepy.

Bleeding Disciples )

The phone is small in his hand, and Kyouya's breath from the other side is smaller.

Dino/Hibari, names, and what love really means. Or doesn't mean. Because you can't pluck the one you love. Shameless use (and subsequent destruction) of folktales and folksongs. Gyahahah.

Plucking Feathers )

"Where," she asks, and her hair is plastered down, her clothes soaked through and splashed with mud, and she is terrifying in her rage. "Where is Hayato?"

Bianchi-fic! Hell hath no fury like a Bianchi with a brother-complex. Umm. Vague Bianchi/Gokudera, if you want to see it that way, AND I THINK YOU DO. :D Obligatory zomg-death-and-revenge fic, 'cause it's not like I write A BAJILLION OF THEM.

Mother's Kisses )

"Giovanni's bastard," the baby says, and the sound of his father's name feels like a hit in Hayato's stomach. "Useless."

Hayato-fic. A "what if his mom hadn't died?" fic. Or, In Which Hayato is a Pansy Pianist. Hayato/Piano, sorta, and really vague, if you squint and look sideways, Hayato/Tsuna.

Prestissimo )
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First, the Lion King/Kingdom Hearts. Er.

All in all, Simba decided, it was not a lion. Definitely not a lion. Simba and Red XIII, totally not bestiality whatever, I swear.

Finding Home )

And Reborn drabbles.

Mama stopped smiling years ago, when Papa and Tsuna both walked out the door, and never walked back in. Lambo stopped smiling, too. TYL!TYL!Lambo. That is, the twenty-five year old Lambo. Vague Lambo/World. Or rather, vague Lambo/Tsuna's Family.

The Happy Man )

"Stop," Takeshi says one night, pulling a cigarette from Hayato's mouth, and Hayato says, "I can't." Sorta-future fic? Hayato, the Tsuna Family, and cancer. Hayato/Everyone, with particular Hayato/Takeshi and Hayato/Tsuna. I think.

Cigarette Love )

Hayato slits his first throat at seventeen. Hayato/Yamamoto, dead men, close-quarters killings.

Bloodlust )

So. Like, Gokudera is my new Iruka.
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It began yesterday, at 4:04 pm.

4:04 PM
[livejournal.com profile] x_saturnine: do you watch reborn?
4:05 PM
[livejournal.com profile] midnightdiddle: reborn?
[livejournal.com profile] midnightdiddle: nope
[livejournal.com profile] midnightdiddle: what is it?
[livejournal.com profile] x_saturnine: an anime
[livejournal.com profile] x_saturnine: i have the opening song stuck in my head
[livejournal.com profile] x_saturnine: it's so
[livejournal.com profile] x_saturnine: "BOYS AND GIRLS BE AMBITIOUS"

And the rest, as they say, is history. So. Umm. A series of Reborn! drabbles. Mostly fluff, with some angsty ones near the end. Oops. Assume they all deal with sex, mostly of the boy on boy kind.

Hayato, Yamamoto, and lonely weekends. Hayato's lost without his Tenth. Boys kissing boys, and boys punching boys, and boys will be boys?

Lonely Weekend )

Hayato, Yamamoto, and a shadow of Tsuna. Hayato can't touch his Tenth, so he'll touch Yamamoto instead. Boys kissing boys, and, umm, slight mafioso angst.

Mafia Hands )

Dino and Yamamoto. Some boys just can't be ignored. Men chasing (and fucking) boys. Umm. Oops?

Catch the Running Boy )

Dino and Tsuna, moment a la Romario. Dino likes Tsuna's tongue. Men and boys. Slight mentioning of voyeurism. Umm.

Cut the Tongue )

Gokudera and Tsuna. <3 Tsuna's wet, and Gokudera's going to be a good second-hand man. In so many senses of the word. Wet boys, boxers, and, umm, public restrooms?

An Everyday Occurrence )

Bianchi and Hayato. She loves him, and covers her face when she kisses him. Het, incest, sibling...love?

Finding Home )

Hayato versus the world. He hates the world, and the world hates him. And he explodes. Boom.

His Manifesto )

Tsuna and Takeshi. Sequel to His Manifesto (above). Takeshi stops talking, and Tsuna follows him down.

The Three )


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